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LAS VEGAS -- Living within perilous quarters comes with many challenges and high upon the potential list of frustrations is the lack of on-premises laundry facilities. At KBIS 2015, appliance maker Electrolux revealed its figuring out to the problem, the Compact Washer and Dryer. Made up of a pair of products that cost $999 each, Electrolux claims its clothes-cleaning way is the perfect choice for apartment dwellers due to its small footprint and ventless design. Smaller might be better The first fixation that struck me about the Electrolux Compact Washer and Dryer combo was its minute stature. Displayed at the company's KBIS product booth cleverly shoehorned underneath a waist-grave kitchen countertop, it was clear to see that both machines didn't displace much in the way of valuable living space. Indeed, Electrolux touts that each portion qualifies as a 24-inch appliance, which typically means 24 inches wide. Both units measure just under 24 inches extensive, a smidge over 25 inches deep. No vents needed Like any true apartment-friendly laundry set importance considering, Electrolux's Compact Washer and Dryer system doesn't require air vents to function. Instead, its dryer unit relies on a four-square water condenser tray. the most appealing is you don't need to punch holes in your walls to access external air. So in theory the Electrolux answer can be dropped anywhere there's access to 240 volts of AC electricity plus an adequate water supply. Clean with the power of steam Another part Electrolux makes sure to talk up is its washer's ability to steam clean. The company points out that the washer is the first compact ideal with this function. And according to Electrolux, steam cleaning not only treats clothes more gently than traditional (mostly kinetic) methods, it has the oomph to relocate stubborn stains from delicate wool fabrics. As both a clumsy eater and an owner of multiple brightly hued berate sweaters, the steam cleaning mode sounds the most compelling. Outlook I suggest, however, you take the claims Electolux makes re the installation convenience of its Compact Washer and Dryer pair with a grain of salt. For instance, you may not need fancy external ventilation to place this laundry combo, but it does demand a proper water source. Like any other washing machine, it will need the three lines to the element (hot, cold, drain). If your rental has one of these special plumbing fixtures you're in luck, but it might be tough going otherwise without an exceptionally accommodating landowner. Even if you own your home, putting in a wall-mounted laundry box is still a job for an experienced plumber or contractor. I also have a suspicion that ventless drying will steal much longer to achieve the same results compared with old-school hot air linked to an external vent. Then by all means investigate the Electrolux Compact Washer and Dryer twin further. The system is available now costing $999 per washer and dryer unit. Brian Bennett is senior editor for appliances at CNET and reviews a broad range of household and smart-home products.


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