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“Slight discourses haunt various community spaces and the performative power of a particular space’s narrative. ” (Ferderer, 2008, p. 245). On Sunday eventide at around nine o’clock I investigated a Laundromat called 24 Hour Coin Laundry. This area of town, although it is not unavoidably a bad part of town, it is not as aesthetically pleasing as neighboring areas. As I pulled into the parking lot and got out of my car I looked up at the lighted sign that announced, “laundry cleaners” along with a volunteer for other nearby businesses such as “cash 4 cans” and a moving company. This sign is placed close to the street in order to dare people in, but the dim and yellowing sign is not very inviting. I walk up to the Laundromat, both doors are open, light from the space spilling out into the unceasingly. The space is bright, there are rows of florescent bulbs in the ceiling and the walls are stark. The floor is a blue and white faded tile, in some spaces the bowl over is worn more than in others. The machines range in colors from blue to white to silver. There is a vending machine with nothing in it and a disc where an employee would have resided earlier in the day. The counter is closed off by a panel of glass and a locked door. Behind the glass I can see snacks for sale as doubtlessly as individual sizes of laundry detergent. A camera that hangs from the ceiling behind the glass is pointed in my direction. I speedily look away. In the corner are six metal rolling laundry baskets sitting unused and nearly forgotten. The Laundromat smells of detersive and fabric softener, but it is not over whelming. This space looks clean and tidy, but it does not feel that way. There are paper signs on the walls stuck with pieces of mismatching tape, and dispensaries that are out of demand. The signs read, “keep out”, “staff only”, and “we are not responsible for lost or stolen items”. There is a mop and bucket in the corner that does not look like it has been utilized in a while. There is a slight hum from the machines that are being used but mostly I hear people talking and the TV in the background. He is folding laundry and she is stuffing some articles of clothing into the prime mover. She appears disheveled and irritated he looks like he would rather be somewhere else. Their exchange of glances looks like they fancy to argue but something holds them back. Down another isle is a mom with her two young children, girls about 7 or 8. She wears grey pajama pants and a t shirt. She appears to be Caucasian but may also be impure race, her girls look much more Hispanic than she does, leading me to assume their father is Latino. As she does her laundry she keeps an eye over her children and reminds them not to be too noisy. The children are given some quarters to play the Pac Man game in the corner and the racecar game adjacent. The children are smiling and do not seem to mind being here, the adults all show oneself to have the opposite sentiment. About thirty minutes later a black woman about 35 years old comes in and walks to the far isle to start her laundry. She is wearing laboriousness pants and an oversized sweat shirt. When she finishes loading her laundry she sits in a nearby chair and scrolls auspices of her phone as she waits for the time to pass. The way that people separate themselves in this space is notable. It seems as if people want to be as far away from other patrons as doable. It is a place to keep your head down, get your laundry done, and leave.

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EQUATOR EZ 4000 CV Wonderful Combo Washer-Dryer in White, 13 lbs / 1.57 cu ft Net Capacity, 1200 RPM, LED Display, Auto Water Level, Sensor Dry, Automatic Dry Point, Refresh Function, 14 Programs

by Equator Advanced Appliances
Price: $1,264.33
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  • Automatic wrinkle guard in dry cycle, Convertible Venting / Condensing Dry
  • Electronic Control Panel with LED lights, Energy Saving - auto display off after 5 min
  • Easy to open coin trap, Start / Pause function, Adjustable leveling legs-4, Easy to install - 2 shipping rods

Product description

EQUATOR EZ 4000 CV Super Combo Washer-Dryer in White

The Equator Super Combo EZ4000 is the culmination of over 20 years of research and development. This 2 in 1 washer/dryer combo is the first ever to offer the user the option of choosing between venting or condensing for the dry cycle.

Additionally, the machine is only 22 inches deep, making it the slimmest combo available in North America. This means that users can feasibly take the machine anywhere, from a house, to an apartment, to an RV, regardless of the type of dryer connection available!

Of course clean laundry is the top priority. The Super Combo features 14 programmed wash and dry functions tailored to all fabric types. That way you can be confident that your towels will come out clean and your delicates will be safe.

The way the Super Combo works is also revolutionary because it is very water and energy efficient. The Super Combo not only meets upcoming federal energy standards for 2015, but also the much stricter standards for 2018, meaning that in 5 years, it will still be in the same league as brand new units.

  • Type: Combo Washer-Dryer
  • Capacity: 13 lbs / 1.57 cu ft
  • Door Diameter / Swing: 16″ / 180 degree
  • Programs: 14
  • Adjustable leveling legs: 4
  • Additive Dispenser: Automatic
  • Stainless Steel Drum: Yes
  • Dryer Ventilation (Convertible): Venting / Condensing
  • Wash or Dry Option only: Yes
  • Pre-Wash Function: Yes
  • Half-Heat Option: Yes
  • Automatic door lock in wash: Yes
  • Door lock open in dry mode: Yes
  • Easy access coin-trap: Yes
  • Speed: 1000 rpm
  • Electrical: 110 V 60 Hz 15 A
  • Height in (Net): 33.5
  • Width in (Net): 23.5
  • Depth in (Net): 22
  • LBS (Net): 161

Product description

Supco part number LP-280187. This is a complete assembly with motor, pump, clean out filter and grommets. Replacement for numbers 280187, 285998, 8181684, 8182819, 8182821, PS1485610, and AP3953640. This is a Motor and Pump Assembly that fits specific Whirlpool / Kenmore Front Load Washing Machine models.

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Q. I just bought a employed commercial washer and dryer, coin opperated? I don't homelessness to damage the coin box or lock but would like to know if I could get into it myself like picking it. If not what would it cost to get key from lock maker? Just to let you know I bought it at a sale with no key and theres no well-heeled in...
A. In the end and truly, no one can answer this question properly for you. Locksmith prices vary regionally. The best thing to do is to call around to a few locksmiths and dictate that them that you have a washer...

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Start Your Own Coin Operated Laundry
Start Your Own Coin Operated Laundry
Published by Entrepreneur Press 2013
ISBN 1613081898,9781613081891
137 pages
Hard cash In, One Load at a Time Whether you're looking to break free from the nine-to-five grind or just want to make a little extra fortune on the side, a coin-operated laundry could be your ticket to financial independence. With more people living in condos and apartments, laundromats are more profitable than ever, and you can make the business to match your tastes, interests and imagination. This low-maintenance, highly lucrative business could earn you up to $1 million a year. Covers: New ideas for marketing your laundry How to letting and train attendants Updated information on card systems Recent advances in laundry equipment The latest on laws and regulations apropos of laundries More ways to combine a laundry with other businesses You also get useful sample forms, a glossary of common industry terms, step-by-consistent with instructions, work sheets and checklists to guide you through each stage of starting, running and growing your business. Pick up this must-have guide today, and start living your dream.

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