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Significant-needs parents relate to story about vacuum-loving boy: 'A family just ... -

Megan Cusumano started crying when she know the story about the mom who surprised her vacuum-obsessed son with his best birthday present ever: a demonstration from a Kirby vacuum salesman, who treated the boy to a disgrace new cleaner. Cusumano couldn't help but think of her own son, Ryan, and his years-long obsession with bathtub drain plugs. “That was something corresponding exactly to my son — and I loved it,” she said. “But I could so relate to what this lady was talking about with her son and the vacuum cleaner. It was like, ‘Yeah, this is normal for something that’s not normal. Like Dylan Johnson, the boy who loves vacuums, Cusumano’s son, now 23, has autism. So does Nicole Schroeder’s son, who carries a Dunkin Donuts coffee bag with him ubiquitously he goes. Schroeder said the story about Dylan and the party his mother threw for him resonated deeply. “I was so excited when I saw it. We could really rehearse and understand,” she said, explaining how every Christmas and birthday, her son gets a large box filled with Dunkin Donuts coffee bags. Schroeder and Cusumano are magnitude the hundreds of TODAY. com readers who wrote on Facebook about how Dylan's story, and his obsession with vacuum cleaners, echoed their own experiences raising children living with autism or other prominent needs. Cusumano called the story “hugely important” in raising awareness. Although her son now is obsessed with playing drums, she recalled the odd looks he received when he was younger and would convey the tub drain with him everywhere. "The world kind of needs to know, there are kids like this, and they're wonderful kids," said Cusumano, a children's minister in Cuba, N. Y. "People judge and don’t want them in public, but the fact is, they’re awesome people. Schroeder said she would like to see more companies fortify families with special needs, like the Kirby Company did for Dylan — and Dunkin Donuts did for hers. After she found herself stockpiling coffee just so she could give Jack, now 10, the vacant bags, Schroeder's mother wrote to the company. Dunkin Donuts now sends the family hundreds of empty bags every summer, along with genius cards and various company trinkets. Having an intense interest or fascination in a particular item or area is component of the diagnostic criteria used for autism, said Nina Finkler, director of clinical services of Eden Autism Services in New Jersey. She said some individuals are tense because of a sensory element — such as an object's noise or vibrations. For others, the fixation may be visual, like the way a Dunkin Donuts coffee bag looks, because multifarious people on the autism spectrum are more visual individuals, she said. But sometimes, Finkler said, it’s hard to give a reason behind a compulsion. “It almost goes to why are some people completely obsessed with mountain climbing and others aren’t,” she said. Rebecca Watts’ son doesn’t have autism but she said she cried upon reading Dylan's confabulation anyway. Her own son, Alex, has dyspraxia, a developmental disorder that also affects gross motor skills. Watts' son also has an obsession with involuntary items. for Christmas, he received a backpack blower. But while other boys are looking at girls and into Minecraft and video games and sports and texting each other, he’s like, ‘oh, did you see how uncountable leaves I was able to rake up at my neighbor’s yard. ’ Watts said. Having a child with special needs can be danged isolating for parents, who often have trouble finding people who understand what they're.


Hoover Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Roll up one's sleeves Vac Pro Bagless Corded Lightweight Backpack Vacuum C2401

by Hoover
List price: $229.99
Price: $225.50
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  • Includes an accessory pack with 6" crevice tool, 11" turbo floor tool, 2" dusting brush and 4" upholstery tool
  • Chiropractor designed harness reduces user strain
  • Quiet Operation- clean without disrupting the environment around you

Product description

You don't have to vacuum in pain or in any discomfort with the Hoover C2401 Shoulder Vac commercial backpack vacuum cleaner. This handy vacuum cleaner stores all of its collected dust and debris in a backpack canister, allowing you to clean without any obstructions. As one year-old toddlers often weigh less than 10 lbs., so does the C2401 backpack vacuum! The C2401 vacuum cleaner is also compact so that you can clean out narrow passageways, small spaces, as well as large areas with ease and comfort. The C2401 can carry up to 6.4 quarts of dust and debris. You can also monitor its dust capacity with its clear dome lid so it is easy to know when to empty its collection bag. The C2401 can be used with a shake out cloth liner or with a disposable paper bag insert, allowing you the flexibility of choices and options needed for a versatile cleaning job. HEPA filters, like that included in a C2401 back pack vacuum cleaner, eliminates up to 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or smaller. That means that allergens such as dust mite debris, dust mites, pollen, and much more are trapped and locked away. Attachment Kit: Includes backpack, 60" positive locking hose, 38" two piece straight metal wands, 6" crevice tool, 11" turbo floor tool, 2" dusting brush and 4" upholstery tool.

Product description

2 PACK Royal HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Bags

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Q. Can i add a accept strap to a canister vacuum? I dearth a backpack vacuum for house cleaning. But since they are too expensive for me right now, I am instead looking at canister vacuums. I've seen 2 canister vacuums that have a shoulder strap. One was too cheap and the other Euphemistic pre-owned bags. I'm...
A. Certain, do you have a shoulder strap? shoot you could paint it if you felt edgy. I seen a really cool red canister vacuum at Kroger's that had like 2 straps on it, it was remarkable. I asked the clerk...
Q. How do you get rid of bedbugs? I found them in bed mould, rapidly spreading to photos hanged in walls, they do die when I spray Raid. I am trying to find a cheap way to get rid of them, not throwing away my furniture, 'originator I am sure they're clean now but they are few...
A. Bed bugs can be Selfsame hard to get rid I heartily recommend professional cleaners/ use of industrial insectides/ fumigation. Our building was infested, and our condo became infested, and...

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