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SpaceSaver PremiumJUMBO Vacuum Storage Bags (Works With Any Vacuum Cleaner + Open Hand-Pump for Travel!) Double-Zip Seal and Triple Seal Turbo-Valve for 80% More Compression! (6 Pack)

by noubco
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  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION! From workmanship to function to anything else, we want you to be TOTALLY HAPPY - or else you can return the bags and we'll REFUND your money! You take NO RISK by ordering today!
  • SQUEEZES EVERY BIT OF AIR OUT OF THE BAG! The unique Double-Zip Seal and the Triple-Seal Turbo Valve are designed to get every ounce of air OUT of the bag in the suction process - and nothing gets back in! Other storage bags let air back in, and defeat the purpose. Not these!
  • 6 x JUMBO SIZE BAGS FOR EXTRA LARGE ITEMS! Store away your duvet, bed sheets, towels, blankets, and more! 80% more space than other bags on the market!

Product description

When you want the very best vacuum storage bags for your big, bulky items that need to be stored for the season - or if you're traveling and want to be as efficient as possible - these are the bags to get. The jumbo size is the first thing you'll notice. You can fit anything and everything in these bags! Don't worry - even your biggest duvet or blanket or giant beach towels will fit snugly in these bags! The unique double-zip seal and the triple-seal turbo valve give you the absolute best air-tight suction and sealing power of any comparable bags like these on the market. You get every single last ounce of air out of the bags, and none of it seeps back in. Other bags can't say that. Our roomy bags give you 80% more room than others, too. There's simply no reason not to get these! And, to make the deal even sweeter, we're throwing in a free travel pump so that when you finish your holiday and it's time to come home, you simply re-pack all your clothes into the vacuum bags, use the travel pump, and your bags will easily fit into one piece of luggage! The anti-mildew, anti-mold, and water tight features make these bags the best overall, for any purpose and under any conditions. Order today! Click the "add to basket" button at the top of the page now.

Ziploc Vacuum Starter Kit, 3-Quart Bags, 1-Pump

by Ziploc
Price: $18.46
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  • Bags have a special one-way valve that allows air in the bags to be removed
  • Great for freezing steak, hamburger, chicken and more
  • Ensures and maintains a tight vacuum seal

Product description

Ziploc Vacuum Pump & Bags, For Vacuum Storage To Keep Frozen Food Fresh Longer & Prevent Freezer Burn, Bags Have Built-In Valve For Removing Air, Seal Food In Bag With Zipper, Place Pump Over Valve & Remove Excess Air With A Few Pumps, No Batteries. (dba Shopping) One and only Bargains Home Plastic T-Style Vacuum Space Air Deflation Pump Black Yellow $10.30 (dba Shopping) Torrential overweight-Duty Vacuum Storage Bags Travel & Home Use Space Saver Seal Bags $10.24 (dba Shopping) Solitary Bargains Space Saver Vacuum Compressed Seal Usable Storage Bags $22.57 (dba Shopping) Peerless Bargains Green Plastic T-Style Hand Held Air Deflation Pump for Vacuum Space $8.06

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Q. What do you draft b call those storage bags that you suction out with a vacuum hose? I expect I"ve seen them at Walmart and on As Seen on TV ...but I have an Amazon card and I can't find them on there cause Idk what to look for by name. It makes everything smaller so it's easier to accumulate. Anyone know what they're called? Thanks.
A. The Space Bag is the on you see on TV. I've toughened it but I recommend getting a full-on vacuum sealer by Food Saver or another brand. You can use it on food, it has an accessory port for bags just...
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