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Dyson makes a lot of contrastive products these days, from fans to hand dryers, but vacuum cleaners are still its bread and butter. The company spends millions of dollars each year on inquire into and development, just to make machines that suck dirt out of your carpet better than ever before. One of those innovations takes center manipulate in the DC65 Cinetic Big Ball Upright Animal+Allergy, which substitutes Dyson’s own Cinetic tech for a traditional filter, and allegedly loses no suction in the take care of. Hands on video Look and feel As with previous vacuums, Dyson puts its obsessive engineering on display in the stratagem of the DC65 Cinetic Big Ball. This isn’t a sleek, pretty-looking vacuum that hides its inner workings — Dyson spent more than six years and $200 million developing the technology arranged of this beast, and it’s not shy about showing off all those crazy-ass features. It looks less like a vacuum and more like an alien suction weapon that somebody smuggled out of Limit 51. Weight and maneuverability Despite being relatively hefty in comparison to most upright vacuums at 19. 8 pounds, the Big Ball moves round the... This is largely thanks to Dyson’s patented ball technology, which allows you to swivel and tilt the vacuum into turns for maximum maneuverability. It’s quality mentioning that the vacuum remains corded, so even with such nimbleness, you’re not quite as free to roam around with the Cinetic Big Ball as you would be with a cordless paragon. That said, Dyson equipped the machine with a ridiculously-long cord, which means you can cover larger areas without having to birch outlets. Additional features This is Dyson’s flagship upright vacuum, so it comes as no surprise that the Cinetic Big Ball sports a lot of bells and whistles. Start, and most importantly, there’s Dyson’s Cinetic technology, which isn’t new or unique to this particular model of vacuum, but it’s still pretty awesome. In a nutshell, it’s an array of unalike conical tips that vibrate at an absurdly fast rate — thereby preventing dirt from getting stuck on them and clogging up the vacuum. So not only are these vacs truly bagless, they’re also filter free — so they never lose suction and you never have to buy replacement parts. Also included on the vacuum is Dyson’s self-adjusting cleaner oversee. The baseplate is designed to automatically adapt to different floor surfaces, ensuring clean, unbroken seal that removes dust from carpet just as pretentiously as it does from hardwood floors. Close-edge pick-up technology also means that the vac head can clean right up to the edge of your baseboards — you don’t get that ribbon of unreachable slime next to your wall (at least not as much as before). Dyson’s Tangle Free Turbine Tool attachment makes an appearance in the Big Ball combination as well, which is yet another brilliant innovation from Dyson engineers. This little sucker fits onto the vacuum’s hose and uses a pair of disc-rotating bristle discs to gobble up hair without getting tangled. Other little flourishes — like a hygienic bin emptying methodology, or Dyson’s instant-release suction wand– are present at every corner. Sound When we used our trusty iPhone effect meter app to take a noise level reading, the vacuum hovered around 89 to 91 decibels, and peaked at 94. For juxtaposing’s sake, that’s about as loud as the average motorcycle, heard from about 25 feet away. It’s a bit louder than most of the other vacuums we’ve tested, and also has a bit of a heinous-frequency.


Hoover UH20040 Sprint QuickVac Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, 1-Tamp stop

by Hoover
List price: $79.99
Price: $41.99
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  • 23-foot Power Cord - vacuum a large room without re-plugging.
  • 3 Position Height Adjustment - adjust as needed to clean all flooring types efficiently.
  • Powerful, lightweight vacuum in a compact size for more convenient storage.

Product description

The Hoover Sprint QuickVac Bagless Upright is a more compact, lightweight upright, designed with city dwellers in mind. The lightweight, yet powerful vacuum features Multi-Cyclonic technology that separates fine particles of dirt before they reach the rinsable filter, allowing homeowners to clean filters less often. Consumers can clean more areas of their homes faster without re-plugging, thanks to the 23 foot power cord. Up to seven feet of above-the-floor cleaning reach, a removable cleaning wand and three floor height setting for every floor type. The powerful and affordable Sprint QuickVac Bagless Upright removes the heavy-lifting from cleaning and helps users sprint through vacuuming.

The new Hoover Sprint Quick Vac Bagless Upright Vacuum is compact, lightweight, and designed for cleaning even the tightest spaces.

Designed to clean multiple floor types, simply choose one of three height adjustments settings to help customize nozzle height to match your cleaning surface.

A 5-foot cleaning hose with a removable cleaning wand allows you to easily transition to above the floor cleaning projects.

This ultra-light yet powerful vacuum features multi-cyclonic technology that separates fine particles of dirt before they reach the rinsable filter, which means easy filter maintenance.

Clean more areas of the home faster without re-plugging thanks to the 23-foot power cord. Enjoy up to seven feet of above-the-floor cleaning reach with a removable cleaning wand and 2-in-1 dusting brush/crevice tool.

Both powerful and affordable, the Sprint Quick Vac Bagless Upright Vacuum removes the “heavy-lifting” from vacuuming and helps users sprint through daily cleaning.

Product Features

Removable Cleaning Wand
Multi-Cyclonic Technology – cyclones separate fine particles of dirt before reaching the filter with less frequent filter rinsing

23-foot Power Cord – vacuum a large rooms without re-plugging

Up to 7 Feet of Above-The-Floor Cleaning Reach – maximum stretch cleaning of stairs, window sills, curtains and hard-to-reach areas

3 Position Height Adjustment – adjustable nozzle for various floor types regardless of the surface

Cost-Effective Rinsable Filters – Filters can be rinsed with water and re-used to save money

Fabulous Filtration – multi-cyclonic filtration, rinsable primary filter and a high-quality final filter made with HEPA media
Included multi-use 2-in-1 tool

System Check Indicator – insures optimum cleaning if maintained

No Loss of Suction Technology

Included Accessories

Cleaning Wand – removable for easy floor-to-ceiling cleaning

2-in-1 tool – features a dusting brush and an crevice tool
Up to 7 Feet of Above-The-Floor Cleaning Reach
Easily clean both carpets and hard floors with brushroll height adjustment
The crevice tools is perfect for cleaning tight spots
Easily interchangeable tools for detailed cleaning
Maximize your reach with a 23' power cord and removable cleaning wand
The rinsable filter can be easily cleaned with water and reused

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Anniversary WindTunnel Self Propelled Bagged Corded Upright Vacuum U6485900

List price: $174.72
Price: $144.99
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  • Includes 2 Extension Wands, Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool, Dusting Brush and Air Powered Hand Tool.
  • Embedded DirtFinder - sensor turns green when no more dirt is being removed from your carpet or floors.
  • Exclusive Wind Tunnel technology lifts and removes surface debris and deep down embedded dirt.

Product description

Don't let a simple job like vacuuming wear you out - the Hoover Self-Propelled Bagged Upright does the hard work of driving while you simply steer. Fabulous filtration with a HEPA media bag lets you breathe easy knowing dust and pollens stay trapped inside. (dba Shopping) Shark SV1106 Wheelman Cordless Upright Vacuum $80.15 (dba Shopping) Shark AH401 Take off PowerHead Upright Bagless Vacuum $169.99 (dba Shopping) Bissell Type 12 Filter Kit Fits Upright Vacuums Part # 2032120 $14.50 (dba Shopping) Eureka 61520A Style J Upright Vacuum Belts (2 pk) $6.85

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Q. Does anyone own a Impressive Upright Vacuum? How would you rate it? I'm in the buy for an upright vacuum and I want to buy one that has alot of suction and that will last for more than a year or two...any suggestions?
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Q. What can I use that is compact and can power a full upright vacuum? I necessary a portable way to plug in a full upright vacuum and be able to provide enough power for roughly an hour of use. I have considered a gas powered electric generator, however I was inquisitive if anyone else knew of any other possibilities?...
A. i'm not unshakable how big they make them,but they do have cordless vacuums(rechargeable)

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