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In South Korea, childcare albatross derails women's careers - GlobalPost

SEOUL (Reuters) - Ahn Ji-sun was looking express to going back to work after she had her second child. Guilt made her stay home and give up a flourishing career as an event controller in Seoul. Three years later, the 38-year-old is still torn between the demands of home and unfulfilled ambition, and may have to whip careers to find a suitable job. "If there had been some place where my children could have been taken care of. I would still be working," she said. A shortage of dependable childcare is derailing the careers of hundreds of thousands of women in South Korea, where handling ranks are dominated by men and a patriarchal society idealizes stay-at-home moms. The low rate of female participation in the workforce - just 56 percent of working-age women as of 2013 - is an increasingly important problem in the world's fastest-aging developed country, where working-age population is set to decline from next year. Government materials as of April last year shows 22. 4 percent of all married women aged 15 to 54 in South Korea discharged their jobs due to marriage, childbirth or childcare. "We have succeeded in recruiting women to the workforce, but retaining them is difficult," Kim Hee-jung, vicar of family and gender equality, said in an interview. Lower wages give women less incentive to join or bring back to the workforce. Women in South Korea earned only 65 percent of what men did in 2012, a gap that has been nearly unchanged since the mid-1990s and is the widest bulk the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development group of wealthy countries. The government has been urging Korea Inc, dominated by one's nearest-run conglomerates, to get mothers back into the workforce, but few companies are willing to take the time or money to employ women with career gaps, Kim said. "We indigence for them to realize that keeping women in the workplace is investing in our future," she said. The gender equality ministry has sought to energize existing policies, such as increasing the number of childcare helpers provided at a low cost by the government as well as centers to mentor mothers who choose to go back to work. Still, South Korea languishes at number 117 out of 142 countries in the latest WEF Global Gender Gap list, much below Asian neighbors China and Japan. President Park Geun-hye, northeast Asia's first female font of state, said last month the government would set up a 50 billion won ($46 million) venture fund for following female business leaders, although some observers have criticized her for not... The biggest hurdle for career mothers looking to proportion the corporate ladder appears to be unreliable childcare. A daycare center worker was caught on camera earlier this month knocking a toddler to the confuse, spurring calls for closer monitoring of schools and childcare facilities. Waiting lists of more than a year plague stately-run centers that are cheaper and better maintained than private ones, with official data in September showing as many as 98,000 children were in stroke for a place in government centers that account for... Kim Young-ock, a research fellow at the Korean Women's Development Start, said increased government spending on childcare has yielded little, with a work culture that often extends beyond standard hours. "Overtime work abounds and there are company dinners. Work intrusions continue to interfere with family soul for women. A South Korean maker of steam-cleaning products is among the few companies in Seoul trying to cut them some slack.


HAAN SI-70 Multi Multiple Good Floor Steamer

by Haan
List price: $149.99
Price: $111.88
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  • Carpet Glide attachment sanitizes and refreshes carpet
  • Removable handheld steamer with versatile cleaning attachments
  • Swivel head for easy maneuvering

Product description

HAAN Agile SI-70

HAAN Multi SI-70 The Effectiveness of a Steam Mop, Plus the Versatility of a Handheld
Transforms from a fully-functional steam mop to a handheld steam sanitizer.
The Effectiveness of a Steam Mop, Plus the Versatility of a Handheld
Wouldn't it be nice to have the versatility to convert a steam mop into a smaller machine to clean and sanitize counters, stoves, walls, bathtubs, windows and other hard-to-reach spaces? Steam clean and sanitize the floor, and so much more, with the versatile HAAN Multi. The HAAN Multi transforms from a fully-functional steam mop to a handheld steam sanitizer with the touch of a button. This steam cleaning powerhouse features an onboard hand-held steamer and attachments (mini steam head, steam bonnet, angled nozzle, round nylon scrub brush) to clean almost any area above the floor. The HAAN Multi has a swivel head mop for easy maneuverability, extra-long cord, removable easy-fill water tank, and is ready to use in 20 seconds. It kills 99.9% of common household germs, bacteria and dust mites without chemicals. Included are 2 reusable Ultra-Microfiber cleaning pads, a Carpet Glide attachment to sanitize and deodorize carpets and rugs and a handheld attachment kit. Attachment kit features a specialize nozzle, brush and mini steam head.

Key Product Features
  • Kills 99.9% of household germs, bacteria and dust mites without chemicals or detergents.
  • Fully-functional steam mop that includes a multi-use removable hand-held steamer.
  • Special attachments kit for handheld for specialized cleaning jobs.
  • Mop features a swivel head for added maneuverability.
  • Carpet Glide attachment sanitizes and deodorizes carpets, rugs and even mattresses.
  • 25 foot cord.
  • Includes 2 reusable Ultra-Microfiber pads.
Use the handheld steamer on hard or soft surfaces around your home.
Best Ways to Clean with the HAAN Multi:
1. Clean and sanitize sealed hard flooring surfaces like tile, laminate, hardwood, vinyl, stone, marble. The Multi works great for breaking down stuck-on messes or everyday mopping/dusting.
2. Use the handheld steamer on hard or soft surfaces around your home.
3. Soft surfaces = Sanitize and refresh furniture, pillows, pet beds, drapes, stuffed animals.
4. Hard surfaces = Clean and sanitize large surfaces like countertops and appliances or use the specialized attachments for detailed work around faucets, around the toilet, stove top, and other tough to clean surfaces.

*HAAN always recommends testing an isolated area of the surface to be cleaned before proceeding.

Featuring Smart Steam Technology™

Thermal view of HAAN heat distribution. 15 steam jets evenly disperse steam across a wide cleaning path.
*Size and shape of water tank and product may vary by model.
Superior Style Coupled with Advanced Steam Delivery Technology
Smart Steam Technology enables HAAN products to deliver a superior cleaning experience from the time the box is opened. All HAAN products are easy to assemble and easy to use. They have been designed with style in mind, but it's what is behind the sleek exterior that gives HAAN its Smart Steam Technology advantage. Machine-powered pumps, water heaters, steam jets and Ultra-Microfiber cleaning pads have been engineered specifically for each model to kill up to 99.9% of household germs and bacteria, providing an exceptional clean.

1. Removable Water Tank: Distinctively designed removable water tank fills conveniently at the tap.*
2. Steam Pump: Machine-powered steam pumps provide consistent steam emission and eliminates the need for you to manually pump.
3. Heater: Newly integrated Micom circuit heaters shorten heat up time to 20 seconds.
4. Steam Jets: 15 steam jets evenly disperse 212° steam across a wide cleaning path.
5. Ultra-Microfiber Pads: 4-layer thick Ultra-Microfiber pads create a streak-free, quick-drying, effortless clean.

How Steam Cleaning Works

The concept of using steam to clean and sanitize is simple. Dirt and grime adhere to household surfaces; the heat of steam breaks the bond between the crud and surface allowing it to be easily removed. The consistent heat of HAAN steam simultaneously cleans and kills up to 99.9% of household germs, viruses and even dust mites in just one second.

Benefits of Cleaning With Steam

1. One-step Cleaning: Steaming cleans and sanitizes in one simple step. No bucket and no chemical cleaners needed!
2. Deodorizes: Steam kills odor causing bacteria on cushions, pillows, pet bedding, curtains, sneakers, stuffed animals and backpacks.
3. Chemical Free: Steam cleans and sanitizes without chemicals for a gentle clean. This also means that no harmful fumes or chemical residues will end up on (or in!) your family and pets.
4. Economical: Save money on expensive cleaning solutions and disposable wipes
5. Multiple Uses: Don't just use steam to mop, use it to make other household chores healthier, less expensive and, often times, easier.

HAAN Product Feature Comparison
Model # SI-40 SI-60 SI-70 HD-60 MS-30R HS-20R
Name Agile Select Multi Total Complete AllPro
Color grey/red grey/red grey/red grey/red grey/red grey/red
Pads 2 2 2 2 2 2
Tank Capacity 11.83 oz 11.83 oz 11.83 oz 11.83 oz 30 oz 6.76 oz
Machine Weight 5.5 lbs 4.6 lbs 5.29 lbs 5.91 lbs 8 lbs 2.8 lbs
Cord Length 19' 6" 25' 25' 25' 17' 14' 9"
Heat Up Time 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 3-5 minutes 2.5-3 minutes
Wattage 1200 watts 1200 watts 1200 watts 1200 watts 1300 watts 1000 watts
Operating Time Up to 25 minutes Up to 25 minutes (varies on Setting) Up to 25 minutes Up to 25 minutes Up to 30 minutes Up to 15 minutes
Included in Box ultra-microfiber pads (x2), floor protector/resting mat, carpet glide, fresh rinse lime & scale remover (x12) ultra-microfiber pads (x2), floor protector/resting mat, carpet glide, fresh rinse lime & scale remover (x12) ultra-microfiber pads (x2), floor protector/resting mat, carpet glide, fresh rinse lime & scale remover (x12), small steam head & bonnet, angled nozzle, nylon brush ultra-microfiber pads (x2), floor protector/resting mat, carpet glide, fresh rinse lime & scale remover (x12) ultra-microfiber pads (x2), floor protector/resting mat, carpet glide, fresh rinse lime & scale remover (x12), attachment nozzle, tile & crevice brush, lrg scrub brush w/ steel wool pad, angele nozzle, wire brush, small nylon brush, concentrator nozzle, flat surface attachment, glass & mirror pad, microcham sponge & towel concentrator nozzle, extension hose, angled nozzle, nylon scrub brush, copper wire scrub brush, soft surface sanitizing attachment w/ bonnet
2-in-1 Handheld/Mop No No Yes No No No
Sweeper No No No Yes No No
Carpet Tray Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Swivel Head Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Smart Steam Technology Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

HAAN RMF-4X Ultra-Unarmed Pads, Ultra-Microfiber Steam Cleaning Pads For All HAAN FS, SI and MS series steamers; 4 Pack

by Haan
Price: $16.00
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  • Machine or Hand Washable
  • 4- layer thick ultra-microfiber pads leave floors clean and streak free
  • Hands free, hook and loop fastening system

Product description

Haan MF4 Set of 4 Blue Ultra Microfiber Pads Patented super absorbent multilayer Ultramicrofiber pads are designed to reduce friction and dry the floor instantly. They can be washed up to 300 times.

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Q. does the haan steam cleaner business also the worx weed eater? does the haans steam cleaner business i would like to try it and also the worx weed eater really work or is their a better one
A. these steam cleaners are all the same.... they give you steam to neaten and that work a little.... I rather just a regular mop and spray.... to me the steam cleaners are not worth the money at...
Q. Can you use the HAAN Steam Cleaning Astound Sanitizer and Steam Mop to clean children's toys? I separate that this cleaner is safe on all floor types, even carpet, and sofas and bedding/cribs... it seems like it could be safe to use on childrens toys too. I just dont dearth to buy another steamer, for toys, if I dont have to. If so, why? If not,...
A. No, I would in point of fact recomend clorox bleach for their toys. Or just soap and warm water. If it has like food or something like that on it, SOAP AND WATER! Yearning this helped!

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