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Green from showing how much it sucks in the US, Neato 's XV-15 robotic vacuum cleaner is on its way to Europe to assassinate dust bunnies there, too. Meaner looking than a Roomba, according to Neato the XV-15 is cleverer than its rivals too, fighting obscenity not only with suction but with lasers. Hardware Most domestic robot vacuums - such as from iRobot, Samsung and LG - have opted for a discrete, not quite delicate design. Neato, though, have gone an entirely different direction. The XV-15 (like its XV-11 US cousin) is battleship wise and resolutely masculine, while its squared-off front bumper is broad and blunt-nosed. What makes the XV-15 special, Neato claims, is its au fait room mapping. Whereas the Roomba basically operates on a bump-and-rotate system, relying on repetition to be enough the room, the XV-15's conning tower houses a laser array which is used to map out what's around it, and then continuously update that map as objects... The chunky bumper is an smashing sensor, but the XV-15 aims to spot obstacles before it hits them. In the box is the vacuum itself, a docking station for recharging and a reel of magnetic spool, the latter used to mark off areas where you don't want the XV-15 to go. Usually with a robo-vac that would include the top of staircases, though Neato... The docking position is basically a couple of metal strips - against which contacts on the rounded edge of the vacuum butt up - and a laptop-style AC adapter contents. Unfortunately the mains cable on our review unit was unplugged and, with no reference to what's inside the dock in the Getting Started handbook, it was trial & error to figure out why the XV-15 wouldn't charge. Still, the design does at least mean you can unwrap more cable and on the run the dock further away from the mains socket, or indeed unplug the AC adapter altogether and plug it directly into the DC input on the vacuum. Dust is poised in a plastic box set into the top of the XV-15, easily tugged out and, aside from the grey upper panel, transparent so you can see whether it needs to be emptied. Fairly than simply using sweeping brushes, Neato has installed a proper vacuum system that, the company proudly claims, is based on jet-engine technology. Controls consist of a mignonne monochrome backlit display, scroll buttons, a back button, select key and large orange power/start button. Operation can be as straightforward as hitting the orange button twice and letting the XV-15 do its thing, or you can set up cleaning schedules. You can have the robo-vac run continuously, every other day or three days a week. Performance If Neato hadn't made the jet-engine reference, we would've. The XV-15 is plain blaring in comparison to robo-vac rivals, the first few seconds of powering on filled by the increasing whine of the "centrifugal compression-impeller" as it gets up to help. It's quieter than a manual cleaner - and of course you can leave the room that the robot one is working in - but it's definitely noticeable. As soon as you hit the start button, the XV-15 moves a clip forward and slowly turns around, playing its (invisible) laser around the room to map it out. Then it gets going, initially perpetual around the edges of the room before criss-crossing the middle, all the time maintaining an evolving map of the surrounding area. in a trice it's done one room, the robo-vac can trundle.


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Compatible with :
Neato XV-11
Neato XV-12
Neato XV-13
Neato XV-14
Neato XV-15
Neato XV-21
Neato XV-25
XV Essential
XV Signature
XV Signature Pro

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Neato Robotics 945-0024

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My Neato XV-15 in sortie

This is a curt video I made of my Neato XV-15 Robotic Vacuum machine during its first and second runs through my apartment. You might even call it a review ...

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