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BISSELL Steam Mop Preferred, Titanium, 94E9T

by Bissell
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  • 17 oz. removable tank; no need for cups or funnels
  • Easy-to-use steam trigger; control how much steam goes on your floor, no pumping needed!
  • 100% chemical free; just use ordinary tap water

Product description

Steam Mop Select 94E9T


The clean you need comes from steam.

Give your hard floors a serious clean without hauling out the mop and bucket. The lightweight and maneuverable BISSELL Steam Mop Select is easy to use and the triangular steam mop head gets into hard-to-reach areas. Sanitize* and clean your floors without the need for harsh chemicals—all it takes is water. The two included microfiber steam mop pads tackle both everyday and tough, sticky messes. Now clean, sanitized* floors are a simple steam away. *Kills many invisible germs and bacteria when used as directed.MICROBAN is a registered trademark of Microban Products Company.

Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaners

Get your hard floors shiny and squeaky clean without the use of harsh chemicals—or messy mops and buckets. BISSELL steam mops can be ready to go in as little as 30 seconds.

Steam Cleaners: The Cutting Edge of Clean

Steam cleaning kicks traditional mopping right in the dirt. It’s quick and easy. So say goodbye to your old, dingy mop and bucket, and hello to a new kind of clean.The high temperature of steam sanitizes floors when used as directed and penetrates deep into cracks and crevices without the use of cleaning chemicals, which are not only costly, but can leave behind residue.Steam cleaners don’t just remove left-behind dirt and residue; they eliminate many germs and bacteria when used as directed. And they do all of this with less water than mopping. What’s more, the steam dries in seconds so you can clean and be on your way.Forget scrubbing your floors with harsh chemicals and sanitizers and let the power of steam do the dirty work for you, when used as directed!

  • Lightweight and maneuverable; it’s easier to use than a mop and bucket
  • Triangle steam mop head easily moves under and around furniture to clean tight hard-to-reach areas
  • Easily fill the water tank from the sink without using cups or funnels
  • 100% chemical-free steam cleaning—sanitizes* using only water (*Kills many invisible germs and bacteria when used as directed)
  • Two Microfiber mop pads with Microban Protection, one for everyday cleaning, and one scrubby pad for tough messes
  • 1-year limited warranty

BISSELL Steam Mop Replacement Percolate, 32526

by Bissell
Price: $16.99
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  • Removes harsh minerals and ions from your tap water
  • Works with Steam Mop 1867 series, Steam Mop Deluxe 31N1 series, Steam Mop Max 21H6 series, Steam and Sweep 46B4 series and Lift-off Steam Mop 39W7 series
  • Works with Model No's: 1865 series, 1867 series, 31N1 series, 21H6 series, 46B4 Series, 39W7 Series

Product description

Steam Mop Replacement Filter, 32526


Maintenance Tips

BISSELL cleaning products are designed to be dependable and effective so that you can enjoy life without worrying about a mess. Many people don't know that there are simple and easy ways to keep their vacuums, carpet cleaners and other cleaning products working well for longer. Check out these maintenance tips to help you get the most out of your BISSELL cleaning product.

Steam Mop Tips: Did You Know…

You can help your Steam Mop filter last longer? Empty the water out of the tank after each use, and you’ll prevent leaking and extend the life of your filter.BISSELL steam products only require tap water or distilled water for a chemical free clean? Or, if you're looking for a refreshing scent, consider trying BISSELL's Eucalyptus Mint Scented Demineralized Water.

How to keep your BISSELL steam mop running its best

Steam cleaners such as the PowerFresh, Steam&Sweep, Steam Mop Deluxe, Steam Mop Select Triangle, and the Lift-Off Steam Mop clean hard surfaces quickly, effectively and without chemicals for a 100% natural clean you can feel good about. To get the best results from your steam cleaner it’s important to care for the filter. BISSELL makes it easy! When the green beads in the filter turn blue, it’s time to replace it. How often a filter needs to be switched out could depend on your water quality. We recommend either distilled or de-mineralized water. Making this simple switch and emptying the tank after each use will extend the life of your steam mop and its filter. Steam mops are safe on virtually all sealed floor surfaces and when used as directed steam kills many invisible germs and bacteria*. * kills many invisible germs and bacteria when used as directed.

Steam Mop 18677
What is demineralized water?

Water that is for use in steam mopsthat has no dulling residue left behind

For use in:
  • Lift-Off Steam Mop Hard Surface Cleaner 39W7
  • Lift-Off Steam Mop Hard Surface Cleaner 39W7
  • Lift-Off Steam Mop Hard Surface Cleaner 39W7T
  • Spiffy Steam Mop 21H6P
  • Steam Mop 1867-4
  • Steam Mop 18677
  • Steam Mop Deluxe 31N1
  • Steam Mop Max 21H6
  • Steam Mop Max 21H6W
  • Steam 'n Clean II 1865
  • Steam&Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner 46B4W
  • Steam&Sweep Pet 46B43 (dba Shopping) 4 Bissell Mop Pads Fit Symphony Ruthless Floor Vacuum & Steam Mop 1252 & 1132 Series $15.99 (dba Shopping) 4 Bissell Washable Steam Mop Pads for Steam & Clear Series 46B4 Part # 75F5 & 203-2200 $15.99 (dba Shopping) 10 H20 Microfiber Steam Mop Pads Fit Ti & Steamboy Mops To some extent # T1MICROPAD $31.99 (dba Shopping) Pyle Pure Spotless PSTMH10 Portable Steam Cleaner - 16.40 ft Cable Length - AC Supply $43.07

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