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Dryer Voice Vacuum Cleaner Attachment

by PPR Direct Marketing
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  • Hose is 38 inches long
  • The other end suctions lint and dust from hard to reach places
  • Reduces fire risk and drying time

Product description

Dryer vent vac attachment keeps dryer free of obstructions and reduces fire risk and drying time. Extends the life of your dryer. Slide one end over vacuum hose, the other end suctions lint and dust from hard to reach places. Hose is 38" long. Plastic.

25 Docile Dryer Vent & Refrigerator Coil Brush by ProTool

by Pro Tool
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  • Perfect vent & coil cleaning tool designed specifically for reaching hard-to-clean areas
  • Flexible galvanized steel shaft, full-length brush with thick dust & dirt-grabbing nylon bristles
  • 1-1/2" diameter fits into narrow dryer vent slots; gets in-between refrigerator condenser coils

Product description

Does your dryer take longer to get clothes dry than it used to? Over time, lint and other debris from laundry builds up in the vent air path and can constrict air-flow by 10-20% - making the dryer work harder and longer for the same result. And how about the fridge - is it running more-frequently or does the exterior feel warm to the touch? In the refrigeration process, the condenser pump pushes refrigerant through a network of coils designed to dissipate heat drawn from cooled air. A thick coat of dust on the coils acts like a fur coat, reducing cooling efficiency and requiring more energy to maintain the same temperature. This brush is the key to a simple and quick cleaning routine you perform every-other month or so that pays big dividends - and your dryer and refrigerator will thank you.

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