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GE WE4X739 Igniter Host for Dryer

by GE
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  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • WE4X739
  • Genuine GE factory part

Product description

This manufacturer-approved burner igniter (part number WE4X739) is for gas dryers.Burner igniter WE4X739 lights the gas burner to heat the dryer during the cycle.Disconnect the power before replacing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.

BrassCraft CSSD44R-60 P Cover PLUS Gas Appliance Connector with 1/2" OD EFV and 1/2" MIP x 1/2" MIP x 60"

by Cobra Products, Inc.
Price: $9.67
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  • Safety+PLUS Excess Flow Valve helps protect against gas fires and explosions - 1/2 In. MIP connection to gas supply or gas ball valve
  • Use with natural, manufactured, mixed and liquefied petroleum (LP or propane) gases and LP gas-air mixtures
  • CSA certified. Designed, machined & assembled in the USA

Product description

BrassCraft's 1/2 In. MIP EFV x 1/2 In. MIP x 60 In. Safety+PLUS Gas Appliance Connector is 1/2 In. OD (3/8 In. ID) with a maximum operating capacity of 53,200 BTU's. This Safety+PLUS gas connector combines excess flow technology with the advanced corrosion resistance of ProCoat, to provide a safer gas connector for home and family. In the event of a gas line rupture or disconnect, the Safety+PLUS valve restricts gas flow at the appliance to a non-hazardous level. This immediate action helps avert the potential for a dangerous release of gas into the home. BrassCraft's stainless steel gas connector is protected with a proprietary polymer coating designed to withstand prolonged exposure to harsh household cleaning, plumbing repair and masonry products. ProCoat coating is applied to the corrugated stainless steel connector using advanced powder-coat technology. Unlike conventional dipped or sprayed coatings, the ProCoat coating is baked directly on the connector surface at high temperatures to provide a uniform coating over the entire length of the connector. The coating is applied only after the connector has been 100% leak tested, prior to nut and fitting assembly. This process results in the most complete corrosion resistance available.

Gas Dryer Into working order : How to Stop a Leaking Gas Hose on a Dryer

A leaking gas hose on a dryer must be stopped pronto to avoid injury. Stop a leaking gas hose on a dryer with help from an appliance repair professional...


Q. how do i disconnect my old gas dryer, and reconnect my new one? I recently purchased a new w/d and desideratum to unhook the old one in order to have the new one delivered. delivery company will not disconnect and reconnect due to liablility issues. How do I go about unhooking the old gas dryer in order to hook up...
A. You'll constraint a jack hammer and a small, controlled explosive charge. It's also a good idea to have a bucket of melted chicken fat handy. Pronunciation companies are such sissies.
Q. I am going and have a gas dryer that needs to come. How exactly is that done, what tools are needed? I skilled in I need to turn off gas supply (done). I read I need to cap the line after removing the flex line from the 1/2" pipe. What does this cheap? Hopefully someone can post step-by-step how to disconnect and reconnect a gas dryer.
A. satisfactory you need a crescent wrench or pipe wrench to loosen the line,then cap the end,go to your local hardware store and get a end female to screw on to the gas valve so it don't crack with Teflon...

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