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Procter & Wager on touts 'win-win' of cutting phosphates in all laundry soaps - The Guardian

Procter & Speculate has told the Guardian that it plans to eliminate phosphates from all of its laundry detergents, including Tide, within two years. It's a newsworthy strike considering the sheer size of the company, which claims the lion's share of the North American laundry detergent market and more than 25% of the broad market share. But P&G already stopped using phosphates in laundry detergent sold across the US in the early 1990s as part of a discretional commitment from the American Cleaning Institute, an industry group of which the company is a member. It also removed phosphates from its detergents sold in the Europe several years ago. So the interchange, which has been in the works since 2005, will likely have the greatest impact on developing countries that don't have regulations limiting phosphates in detergents. "It's a win-win when you submit consumers a better product which is also environmentally friendlier," says Giovanni Ciserani, the company's group president of epidemic fabric and home care. The problem with phosphate The phosphate used in most powdered detergents is sodium triphosphate, or STPP, and it's tolerant of to soften hard water. These issues came to public attention in the late 1960s and early 1970s, when lakes and rivers in the US turned lustrous green with algae. The situation drew first alarm, then activism, as scientists identified phosphates in laundry detergent as surrender of the problem. In subsequent decades, various US states – and some countries – passed regulations to limit their use. The European Union followed petition in 2013. These regulations, plus better sewage treatment, have improved water quality in the US and many other developed countries. A shameless move, but not a new one P&G isn't the first company to go phosphate-free. Smaller companies such as Belgium-based Ecover and US-based Seventh Siring, have been making phosphate-free laundry detergent since they were founded in 1980 and 1988, respectively. "Saying now that you're going to be without phosphates, it's not big news to me," says Tom Domen, elongated-term innovation manager for Ecover. Using zeolite, the same mineral P&G is using now, Ecover had formulated its detergent to be as effective as one containing phosphates as primordial as 1989, he says. Of course, Ecover and Seventh Generation don't have the market reach of P&G. The alternative brands also aren't sold in multitudinous developing countries, which often lack regulations on phosphates, Ciserani says. Such countries also tend to lack telling water treatment infrastructure, says Jon Scott, an editor at the US-based advocacy organization Clean Water Activity. "What little there is isn't often designed to remove nutrient pollution like phosphates from the water," he says. The trigger for making this switch globally – even where not legally required – was the company's recent creation of a product that is effective even in hard water areas, Ciserani says. From a enterprise perspective, it might not be a bad time to go phosphate-free. In recent years, the price of the commodity has increased as supplies have tightened around the give birth to. "They (P&G) may be doing it as much for cost of the phosphate as an additive as opposed to concern for protecting the water," Scott says. It's certainly a step ahead of rival Unilever, which didn't comment on whether it has plans to remove phosphates.


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Q. Why did they ban Cascade dishwasher detergent? I interpret they banned it due to the phosphate level, but is phosphate deadly to us? Has anyone died from this? Is it safe to still use? Thanks. They banned it in WA state and they say by 2010 it will be banned in all of the states.
A. Are You Using a Phosphate Based Dishwasher Detergent? Scourge to a “0” Phosphate Detergent And Help Save The Lake Algal growth in Lake Waramaug is almost directly proportional to the availability of...
Q. How can I ban phosphate detergents in my Municipality? I see that Washington Position is making strides in banning dishwasher soap because these phosphates are desroying the evironment. I think dishwashers also waste a lot of water. How can I get in touch with the eco-soap exert influence or activist groups?
A. You just aren't current to be happy until you destroy life as we know it, are you. I often wonder how (perceived) tree huggers like yourself manage to stow away from apoplexy on a daily basis. Just...

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