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  • Tennant and Nobles Brand Commercial and Industrial Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers

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Janitized JAN-KAPV6-2(10) Reward Replacement Vacuum Paper Bag, Sanitaire SC412, Karcher\Tornado PV6, Cleanmax CMBP-6, Tennant V-BP-6, Power-Flite PF300/600BP, OEM#CMBP-10, C352-2500 (Company of 10)

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  • Blue Ribbon
  • Premium Filter Bag that Meets or Exceed OEM Filter Efficiency
  • 2 Ply, Micro Filter Designed specifically for Commercial Use

Product description

Janitized Tornado Pac-Vac Models: PV6 Premium Replacement Commercial Vacuum Paper Bag; OEM #CMBP-10, C352-2500. when using Janitized brand replacement bags and/or filters, APC provides our Blue Ribbon that meets or exceeds the OEM. Vacuum Filters, Nobles Portapac Strap-A-Vac, & Tennant BackPack Vacuums, 10/The truth $120.79 Vacuum Filters, Nobles Tennant Viper, Cyclone, Blue Star Vacuums, 10/Case $119.20 (dba Shopping) Panasonic JANCXLT2 Vacuum Filters, Nobles Tennant Viper, Anticyclone, Blue Star Vacuums, 10/case $122.49 (dba Shopping) 14-1/2 2 Ply Bag, Difficult Guy, 5KRE5 $29.52

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